Casino Payment Methods

When playing at an online casino, it is important to keep track of the different payment methods available to safely transfer money to your gaming account and start playing. Here we will review a few different payment methods.

Credit Card

Filling your gaming account at a casino with credit cards such as VISA or MasterCard is one of the fastest methods. It goes without saying that, just like a card purchase online, you enter your card details and then complete the purchase. The money will be available virtually directly in your gaming account at your chosen online casino, so you can start playing for them.

Bank Transfer 

Bank transfer is another payment option that many online casinos offer their players. Then you deposit money from your bank account into the casino account and the game account is filled with the corresponding amount. The downside to wire transfer is that it can take a few days before the money is transferred, especially since you often have to deposit money in foreign bank accounts.


An easy and safe way to pay online is PayPal, where you create an account with your email address and then transfer money from a bank account. That way, you just need to log into your PayPal account when paying, and then don’t be afraid that someone will get information about the account or the card.


Neteller is a service similar to PayPal, and here you also create an account that your man can transfer money to pay at an online casino. Many casinos accept payments with Neteller, and it is a convenient form of payment because the money is deposited directly into the game account so that you can start playing immediately.

Even with Neteller, you can win winnings from a casino and then put them into your bank account. Another advantage of Neteller is that they have a special VIP club where you can earn points by joining friends or participating in other campaigns. Points can be exchanged for different gift cards or real money.

Online Casino Bonuses

This is the type of bonuses most used by online casinos to attract more players to play for real money. It is specifically designed for new players in the form of a reward for registering and creating an account at the online casino. Online casinos often pay $ 10 to $ 100 (depends on the online casino) that the player can use to play certain or all of the games (again, it depends on the specific policy of the online casino). This bonus cannot be withdrawn from the casino and can be divided into 2 categories: no deposit bonus and deposit bonus.

No Deposit Online Casino

bonuses These bonuses are credited to the player’s account right after the installation of the casino application and the creation of an account. The size of the no deposit bonuses is generally not that large, but they cannot be withdrawn from the casino immediately either. To do this, you must meet certain conditions, such as placing a few bets first and testing the game. We recommend that you check the conditions for earning no deposit bonuses at each online casino, and also especially if the county from which you are eligible for this type of casino bonus. The best way to do this is to contact the online casino support team.

Online Csino Deposit

bonuses Such casino bonuses exist in almost all online casinos today. In general, the rules are very simple: the player must create an account and register at the casino by depositing the amount of money they want. The casin/o will then match your deposit and credit your new account with additional money, if it is a “deposit bonus” or even double it if you are eligible with a “200% deposit bonus”. It can vary from house to house. Please note that each online casino has its minimum amount of deposit requirements to be eligible for the deposit bonus. The deposit bonus is once the casino bonus is earned by registering a new account at the casino.